Altona in the News

The following are selected newspapers articles on Altona:

1. Julia will bring refinement to lovely Altona. The PM will be the making of this secret and misunderstood suburb. (Sydney Morning Herald - 4 Jul 2010)
Julia Gillard has done one great thing since she got in to power.....she's put Altona on the map.....Altona is going to be for Gillard what Little Rock was for Bill Clinton.....But for those of us who know Altona, we knew it was so much more.....Altona was a bit of a secret suburb, like Williamstown without the ice-creams, the crowds and Bracksy.....But now with Julia Gillard, the new Queen of Altona, the crowds are about to turn up.....

2. Oil painting (The Age - 7 Jan 2006)
Tne bad rap Altona has had in the past has probably concealed the genuine charm and selling points of this suburb. In reality, there’s almost a NSW coastal holiday town feel to the place and an abundance of parks, outdoor activity areas, riding tracks and more.....It’s the cheapest bayside suburb one can buy into.....Admittedly, the route off the West Gate Bridge, down Millers Road and past the Mobil refinery, is unappealing but the minute the impressive Cherry Lake wetlands area is reached and the foreshore beckons, the air begins to clear and there is a sense that the city has been left behind......

3. A small suburb in celebrity spotlight (The Age - 21 Aug 2010)
...locals have been pleased that the attractions of the bayside suburb have been kept a secret....the western-suburb stigma is fading, with heavy industry moving out of the area or offshore.....Mr Hardinge predicts Altona will evolve in much the same way as Port Melbourne, now a darling of the inner-city set. Thirty years ago, Port Melbourne was an industrial backwater no one even wanted to know about. I can see Altona going the same way....Altona's seafront offers more than three kilometres of beach, water views to rival Williamstown and extensive sport and recreational facilities. Mr Lindemann says the refinery is not an issue for buyers, with owners benefiting from lower council rates because of it. And Williamstown is just as close to the refinery as Altona.....there has been little turnover in the suburb....However, generational change has started to become evident as elderly residents begin to downsize....Developers are also moving in to take advantage of the large block sizes, with more townhouses being built and land being subdivided....within probably the next 10 years, we will see a very, very big demographic change. I think we will get the families in here because of the blocks where you can have the backyard.....Altona is really starting to climb the ladder as a desirable location..... It is a quiet suburb, yet very close to the city.....buyers would pay twice as much for a property on the other side of the city that had the same proximity to the city centre and lifestyle benefits as Altona, with its bayside location, railway line, established infrastructure and village-type atmosphere.

4. The towns that beat Melbourne (The Age - 11 Jul 2011)
And the love of waterside living has spread west. The Melbourne suburb of Altona is playing catch up with it's neighbours on the other side of Port Phillip Bay. Once the much-maligned home of some of the state's heaviest industries, it recorded annual median rises over the decade of more than 12 per cent.

5. Someone else can fill the fruit bowl ... (Sydney Morning Herald - 25 Jun 2010)
The new Prime Minister's home is an unremarkable brick bungalow with a tidy garden....Should Julia Gillard choose to entertain such eminent folk as, say, the US president, they have a selection of take-away, including Indian and Thai, only a short walk way. There is also a nearby tattoo parlour, fancy dress shop, Food Works and a bottle shop smeared with graffiti....Ms Gillard declared she would not move into the The Lodge, until she was elected by the people. I'm very happy in my home in Altona...."

6. How the west was won (Moonee Valley Weekly - 13 Jul 2010)
Melbourne's western suburbs have left an indelible footprint on Australian cinema and they continue to play a starring role on the big screen......Writer-director Pene Patrick chose the western suburbs as the location for her debut feature film Playing for Charlie because it reminded her of home, a small country town with a paper mill thousands of kilometres away in New Zealand.....Shot mostly in Altona and Werribee, other locations included a TV repair shop in Newport, a hotel in Williamstown, and more prominently, a house in Werribee South opposite a vast broccoli field.....Werribee, Altona, and Newport are great locations for filming because they aren’t sterile places.

7. Julia Gillard: Nice meal awaits Obama (Maribyrnong Weekly - 30 Jun 2010)
Julia Gillard's neighbours want her to remain in what they feel has become the safest street in Altona. Neighbours Joy and Eric Vincent said the quiet cul-de-sac near Harrington Square shopping centre was even suitable for a visit by US President Barrack Obama. "If Mr Obama came down the street he could come in for lunch," Ms Vincent said. "I would cook him a very nice meal."

8. Forget Canberra, Altona has become the new heart of the nation (The Age - 2 Jan 2008)
Australia is being run today from a modest brick-veneer home in Altona....Julia Gillard is in residence as the acting Prime Minister. She returned to her Altona home yesterday — a house she bought 10 years ago for $140,000....The transfer of the Government's headquarters from Canberra to Altona follows a long tradition of power finding its way to unlikely locales during the New Year period.....

9. Prime Minister Julia Gillard's safe haven in Altona (Herald Sun - 28 Jun 2010)
Security consultant Neil Fergus, CEO of Intelligent Risks, said providing adequate security at the house was "not without problems but do-able". "We're talking about Altona, not South Lebanon or Baghdad," he said.

10. Humble Altona home of our new Prime Minister (Hobsons Bay Leader - 24 Jun 2010)
About 15 houses with neatly kept gardens line a sleepy street in Altona - and one of them belongs to our newest Prime Minister. Julia Gillard’s modest home in Melbourne’s western suburbs was a hive of activity today, as media and sticky-beaks stopped by to see where our history-making politician calls home....

11. Altona resident is surprised by her beachside suburb (Herald Sun - 3 July 2011)
Some days you feel you could just dive out the window into the water. I don't think there's anywhere else in Melbourne you could be so close to the water. There's always something to see - the container ships, cruise ships, the Spirit of Tasmania. It's beautiful.