Maps and Videos of Altona

Maps of Altona

This map plots the locations of the various attractions, with onsite photos. The map scrolling and zooming buttons are located on the top left hand corner. Scroll the map to the left and right to view the western end (Truganina Coastal Parklands) and eastern end (Altona Coastal Park) respectively, as the embedded map is not wide enough to show everything.

Clicking an attraction will bring up a window, containing its description and any photos/links. You can obtain driving directions to an attraction if you click the "Directions" link at the bottom of this window and enter your starting address. If you click the "More" link, you may be able to see Google Street View of a particular attraction if it is available.

Click HERE to view a larger map, which lists the various attractions on the left panel. Clicking an item brings up the attraction, its location on the map and its descriptive window.

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