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Blog TemplateHTML, CSS, Javascript
Posts with Tables, Frames and Image PositioningHTML
Altona in the NewsDreamweaver, Google News Timeline,
Google Web Elements
Christmas in Altona MeadowsScribd, PTGui, Photoshop, Flickr
Geography of Port Phillip BayGoogle Earth, Adobe Illustrator
Islands in Port Phillip BayHighslide Javascript
Armchair Drive along the EsplanadeTripGeo, Google Maps Street View
Fishing Hotspots in Port Phillip BayGPSVisualizer
Altona Laverton Historical Society Calendar 2011Page Turning Flash, swfcabin
Binocular Views from
Navigation around Port Phillip, Andrew Watkins' website
Maps of AltonaPersonalized Google Maps, Satellite View
Attraction 16 - Altona HomesteadGoogle Street View, Street Cities Map Control
Seaholme Sustainability StreetScribd, Google Earth
Queensland Flood Relief AppealGoogle Web Elements,
Australia Day 2011Animated Gif
What are people saying about Julia Gillard?Socialmention, Twitter Sentiment,
Twitrratr, SocialGadgets, Twitter
Timeline of Altona HistoryUBC Timeline Tool
Interactive Quiz on Altona (this page)QuizRevolution
People & Life in AltonaKeepandShare Calendar
GOWEST Midsumma FestivalRainbow Text
Melbourne's Most Dangerous Train StationHerald Sun's Database
Meteorological Forecast for AltonaWillyweather
Population Forecasts of
Demographics of Altona &
Video celebrating the Beauty of AltonaMAGIX Movie Edit, Youtube
A Multilingual BlogGoogle Translate, Google Maps Chinese
Why I choose to live in AltonaGoogle Maps, Faststone Capture
Real Estate Listings in AltonaGoogle Maps Listings
Altona BashingdivShare

Interactive Quiz on Altona

Below is a MCQ quiz to test your knowledge of Altona. Click 1 of the 4 choices below the photo as your answer. Click Next to continue. 10 questions are randomly taken from a repertoire of questions so everytime you revisit this page, a new set of quiz will be generated for you. Have fun!

Hint: Most of the answers can be found within this blog!

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