Monday, July 18, 2011

Our Food Thief

We cook separate unsalted meals for our one and a half year old son. It is a relief that he is easy to feed - he has a big appetite and does not refuse any type of food. I learn that many parents are not that fortunate and are having great headaches trying to make their kids consume food or take balanced meals.

One day, my wife discovered that he sneaked to the kitchen, climbed up a chair and was helping himself to the leftover "adult" food on the dining table. My wife caught him munching broccoli and the sight was hilarious.

Another time, we visited a friend's church and had joined the afternoon tea gathering after the service. We were busy engaging in conversations and did not realize that my son had made his way to the food table and was busy squeezing cakes into his mouth.

Now, we have to place our food higher so that it is not within reach of our son!


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