Monday, March 28, 2011

ALERT: Altona Loop community protest 8:30am 29th (tomorrow!)

Forwarding this urgent message from Colleen Hartland.

Metro released the new train timetable this afternoon (Monday). The timetable is even worse than we thought. It contains significant cuts to the Altona Loop train services.

We're taking immmediate action with a community protest and press conference tomorrow morning (Tuesday!)

WHEN: 8:30am Tuesday 29th March
WHERE: Altona Station, cnr Pier and Railway St, Altona.

All local residents and supporters are encouraged to attend.

The impacts of proposed changes include:
  • A journey from Altona to the city, which currently takes 30 minutes on one train, will take up to 50 minutes under the new timetable and may require three separate trains
  • A journey from Altona to the Mercy Hospital (Hoppers Crossing station) which now takes 13 minutes on one train, will more than double under the new timetable taking up to 31 minutes and require travelling on two trains
  • We've lost direct access to the city loop
  • We've lost express trains
  • We've lost direct trains to the Werribee Line
  • Reduced frequency from 20 mins to 22 minutes in peak period
  • A train "shuttle" during off-peak periods instead of direct trains
You can find more information on the Altona Loop train cuts and the community campaign by clicking here.

REMINDER: The Altona Loop community meeting is 7:30pm Tuesday 29th March (tomorrow night!) at Altona RSL Function Room. Come and get invovled in community action on the proposed Altona Loop train cuts.

Kind Regards

Colleen Hartland

p.s. Don't forget to send an email to the pollies and Metro.


Anonymous said...

I've taken a look at the timetable and I don't see where trips from Altona to Flinders Street taken outside the peak period will take 50 minutes. They take 37 minutes which is slightly longer than what it is now and all the direct trains from Altona to Flinders Street still operate during peak hours and after the evening peak.

Anthony Ang said...

This email came from Colleen Hartland and was also published in the media (ABC News, Herald Sun, etc). You can clarify with Metro at tonight's Community Meeting as Metro will be able to answer this concern clearly.

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