Saturday, August 7, 2010

Videos on Fishing in Altona

Video 1 - Altona Squidding posted by 171rhino on YouTube

Video 2 - Kayak Fishing Altona posted by 171rhino on YouTube

Video 3 - Williamstown/Altona - Flathead Snapper Trevally - "Down Down" posted by 171rhino on YouTube


Hans-Holger said...

@171rhino - what camera did you use and how much is it?

Craig Turner said...

Altona Yacht Club are looking for any sea kayakers who would like to join our club.
As members you would be able to securely store
kayaks in the clubhouse, easy launching and carparking, use of all facilities and a social place to meet. For enquiries ring Craig on 0408 878 954

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