Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Santa Claus Lane

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I wrote this post about the Christmas festive mood in Altona Meadows last year. The photos and videos were taken with my 10 years old Canon camera, which do not turn out as good as I would have desired. There was a JB Hifi sales on digital SLRs a few months ago so I upgraded my camera to a Nikon D7000. Armed with my new camera, I decided to pay an annual pilgrimage to this mesmerizing street in Altona Meadows.

The most spectacular lighting goes indisputably to 30 Markham Way. You can read the story of Percy Smith in my previous post. With this new camera, I can produce much higher-quality and longer-duration video.

The photos are also of much higher resolution.

Markham Way Christmas A

The host welcomes visitors to explore his beautifully-decorated verandah.

Verandah 05

My wife told me that people have to wait in a long queue to see animated Christmas window displays outside the Bourke Street Myers store in the City, which are similar to what you can see here (but minus the crowd).

Window Display 02Window Display 03

She had told her friend living in Burnside Heights about this street, who subsequently paid a visit with her family. They are all very impressed. I will greatly appreciate if you can share any knowledge of beautiful Christmas lightings.


Wills said...

Very nice Christmas decor! Thanks for sharing Anthony, I might bring my son there tonight. I am sure he will be amazed.

Anthony Ang said...

Time yourself to reach there when night falls as summer days are long.

Marthese Portelli said...

Thankyou so much for posting Dads house. We are very proud to have done the display for him this year and hope it made lots of families happy to see such wonderful xmas cheer in the street. Dad would have also been so proud to see the video. Now he too is one of those stars..

Anthony Ang said...

Hi Marthese, it is my deepest regret that this post was not made in time for him to see.

Cathy Ranalli said...

Thanks Anthony for the wonderful blogs you do on dads house each year. As you know, dad passed away on the 23rd of December 2011..he did manage a few night on this front porch this year..and im pleased that you did get to see him.Wonderful friends and family ensured his Christmas display remained up until the 2nd of January.Thankyou for showcasing his Christmas display through your fantastic blogs each your.. your last Youtube clip 'Santa Claus Lane' helped the kids with their great memories long after the decorations came down.Blessings..XX Cathy Ranalli.

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