Monday, September 19, 2011

Australian Dream Employers 2011

Based on the 2011 Dream Employers Survey conducted by Insync Surveys, RedBalloon and Drake International, Google has for the second consecutive year, topped a list of dream companies that Australians would most like to work in. This is not surprising considering last year, Google had given a 10% pay rise to its employees who also enjoy funky offices, massages and naps on company time (Ref 1).

Priorities have changed from 2010 to 2011. Company reputation is no longer the most important attraction. Pay, benefits and conditions now tops the considerations (38%). This is followed by work-life balance (37%), culture (36%), personal interest (34%), rewards and recognition (29%), company reputation (27%), innovative company (20%), products and services (16%), training and development (13%) and CEO (6%).

Work-life balance (46%) is the best way to retain employees, followed by culture (39%), pay, benefits and conditions (33%), company reputation (24%), rewards and recognition (19%), training and development (19%) and so on.

Systems and processes is the No. 1 attrition driver (41%), followed by communication (39%), rewards and recognition (38%), leadership/senior management (24%), training and development (24%), flexibility/work-life balance (22%), culture (17%), immediate manager (11%) and reputation/brand (11%).
There are 4 IT companies in the list (Google, Apple, Microsoft, Facebook), 2 airlines (Virgin, Qantas), 2 mining companies (BHP Billiton, Rio Tinto) and 2 public service employers (Police, Defence Department).

Company2011 Rank2010 RankChange
 Virgin Group32-1
Walt Disney Co86-2
 BHP Billiton920+11
 United Nation1115+4
 Police force12-
 Rio Tinto15-
 Dept of Defence16-
 Commonwealth Bank1714-3
 Lonely Planet2017-3
 Sydney Water-8
 Coca Cola-10
 Air New Zealand-18


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