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A Date with the MPs - 16th June 2011

Book your lunch date with the MPs on the 16th of June 2011. Read more ......

regarding this email from Colleen Hartland:

Three weeks into the new train timetable and any claims that initial problems were just 'teething problems' have been proven wrong - the Altona Loop train service is unacceptably poor- the community deserves better!

The community needs improved public transport services, not cuts. This can be delivered by duplicating the single train track.

RMIT Transport Expert, Dr Paul Mees, says "The existing reservation is easily wide enough for two tracks. This would be a very minor engineering project, with a cost around 1% that of the Regional Rail Link". This would allow a train to travel every 10 minutes, making it a reliable, efficient and attractive public transport service.

1. Stand up for Altona Loop - rally & lunchtime forum!
Altona Loop residents and supporters are invited to join us at Parliament House for a rally, followed by a lunchtime forum inside parliament with all MPs invited to attend. Join us on your lunchbreak or on the train from Altona station at 11:32 (Westona 11:30, Seaholme 11:34). See the end of this email for the event invitation or click here.

The community is going direct to Parliament, presenting our stories of how the train cuts and poor service are impacting our lives, and requesting the return of train our services, with improvements.

1. Rally - 12:30pm Parliament House steps, Spring Street. Join us in your lunch break or on the 11:32am train from Altona Station.
The Altona Loop Residents Group will hold a bright and visible rally outside parliament house. Red wigs will be worn in honour of the eminent Altona resident Julia Gillard - I guarantee she would not put up with 6 trains per day to get to the city and home!

2. Lunchtime Forum inside parliament house - 1pm
I will host a lunchtime forum in parliament house for Altona Loop residents. The Altona Loop community will present to members of parliament. Every member of parliament will receive an invitation to attend.

3. Delivering our stories
Stories of how the train cuts are impacting the lives of residents have been collected and compiled. A copy of these will be delivered to every member of parliament together with the invitation to the lunchtime forum at parliament.

2. Altona Loop in Parliament
I raised concerns in parliament about the impact the trains cuts are having on seniors. The example I used on this occasion was the Finnish Friendly Visiting Service in Altona. Read here - 'Seniors hit hard by Altona Loop train cuts'.

3. Next Altona Loop Group residents meeting - 7:30pm, Thursday 23rd June 2011.

4. Other Transport Campaign Activities
I continue to work on transport issues in the West. In addition to Altona Loop and improving public transport across the West, I focus on the problem of our residential streets being clogged with dangerous and polluting trucks. Some local residents have 5,000 trucks past their front door every day!

In parliament I called on the government to prevent the forecasted doubling of truck traffic by 2020 by immediately producing a freight logistics plan that puts freight on rail and reduces the number of trucks on western suburbs streets. Read the parliament speech here: 'Trucks off our streets - freight on rail'

The solution to getting trucks off our streets is to move freight onto rail and to implement the Truck Action Plan - Labor failed to do both of these in their 11 years of government and each year the number of trucks on our streets increased. Read my media release here: Labor's truck leaflet misleads community - Greens

The Greens have been the only consistent advocates for freight on rail and I've been on the barricades with the community from the start. Rather than carping from the sidelines I'll be working with the community, local councils and the liberal government to make rail freight a real priority.

REMEMBER - Make sure you tell your friends, write to the Minister, share on Facebook, come along to the Rally and Lunchtime Forum at parliament - 12:30pm Thursday 16th June.

The community campaign to date has been strong and visible:
  • I have now tabled 2,000 petition signatures in the Parliament and more continue to come in.
  • Hundreds have written directly to the Premier, Minister for Public Transport and the two government MLCs.
  • 250 residents attended the first community meeting, and 500 the second community meeting and the regular Altona Loop Group's residents meetings have been well attended with between 30 - 50 people at each.
  • Community actions have been well attended and have received a lot of attention from the media: snap protest at the release of the proposed timetable, the rally at the minister's office and the rolling protest on Monday 9 May. Photos can be viewed here.
We're going to continue to take action! It's time to invest in the West - no more neglect.


Colleen Hartland
Stand up for Altona Altona Loop rally & lunchtime forum invitation

Greens MLC for Western Metropolitan Region
Ph: 9689 6373


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