Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Werribee Line Commuters misled by Claims of Extra Services

The following are taken from Colleen Hartland's website. Click here for further details.

Greens MLC Colleen Hartland has accused Metro of misleading Werribee Line commuters by claiming Altona Loop shuttle services will benefit them.

"The 185 extra services that Metro is claiming are in the new timetable on the Werribee Line are in fact just Altona Loop shuttle services. The Altona Loop shuttle doesn't benefit Werribee line users whatsoever," said Colleen Hartland.

"Even the Altona Loop commuters are strongly opposed to the shuttle service as it will replace trains to the city which will be cut."

"Under the new timetable Werribee Line commuters, such as those using Werribee, Hoppers Crossing, and Aircraft stations, will receive significantly fewer services, not more."

"Weekday services from Werribee to the city will reduce by 16 services, and from the city to Werribee will reduce by 14 services per day."

"The Greens today called for a parliamentary inquiry into the new train timetable. That debate is ongoing."

"We cannot just sit back and let Metro design a new timetable that increases its profits by reducing our service. This is a classic example of why we need an independent transport authority."

"Werribee Line commuters should join the Altona Loop community in calls for the proposed train cuts to be rejected."

"The West needs public transport improvements, not cuts," said Ms Hartland.

Greens table Altona Loop petition, call for inquiry


Greens MLC Colleen Colleen Hartland has tabled a petition in Parliament today of 15% of the Altona / Seaholme population objecting to the cuts to their train line, as Greens call for an inquiry into the train timetable changes.

"1730 people have already signed in the first month and there are more to come," said Colleen Hartland.

"We had the CEO of Metro come out and tell 500 people at a packed public meeting in Altona last week that they are facing train cuts because they don't use the trains."

"But it's Catch-22. Altona residents don't use the trains because there are so many cancellations. Up to four trains per day completely bypass the Altona Loop, and Metro doesn't even bother measuring data on late trains. How can you catch a train that doesn't turn up?"

"The Greens today called for a parliamentary inquiry into the new train timetable. That debate is ongoing."

"We have asked the government to table in Parliament the background documents Metro created supporting the timetable change, but so far they haven't been able to locate them. These documents should include things like the increased journey times and a passenger impact statement for Altona, where we know the service is not only being cut, but the remaining trains will take more than 50% longer to reach the city."

"The government says they had no choice but to approve the cuts to the service. Well, don't just tell us, show us. Give us the documents, and talk to the public in an inquiry about whether the cuts are reasonable."

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