Thursday, January 20, 2011

Changes in Werribee & Williamstown Train Services

Altona Train Station A

The Age has revealed in a news article today the following changes in Metro's new train timetable to be launched in May:

  • During off-peak and some peak hours, trains will run from Frankston on the south-eastern end of Melburne to Werribee/Williamstown on the western end and vice-versa, via Flinders Street and Southern Cross stations, bypassing the City Loop.

  • Train frequency through Altona and to Williamstown will be reduced to one train every 22 minutes.

  • During off-peak, Altona passengers will have to change trains at Newport while Williamstown passengers will no longer need to change trains at Newport.

  • Off-peak services on the Werribee line will be halved and no longer run through the City Loop. They will terminate in Frankston.

  • Sandringham line trains will run more frequently at peak hours to every 8 minutes.

  • Glen Waverley line services will run direct to Flinders Street Station until noon, instead of through the City Loop, but with increased frequency.

Altona residents are the greatest losers in this timetable reorganization as they receive a double blow - a cut in train services and frequency as well as the need to change trains at Newport or Laverton. The increased duration of waiting and travel may be in reality greater than what you can see from timetabling changes for the following reasons:

  • Altona passengers may miss the connecting trains at Newport or Laverton.

  • The only 1 or 2 trains that are servicing the Altona Loop stations may be redeployed to other parts of the train network if train breakdowns occur since these trains service only a few stations.

  • By the time Altona passengers get to Newport Station, they will have to compete with the Newport passengers for seats.

  • Altona passengers heading to or returning from a City Loop Station will have to change for connecting trains twice, at Newport Station and at either North Melbourne or Southern Cross Station during off-peak hours.

  • If there is a delay or breakdown in train services on the Frankston line or the lines that share the same tracks (Pakenham/Cranbourne/Sandringham), the delay/cancellation will flow on to the western lines as trains running towards Werribee/Williamstown come from Frankston.

For the above reasons, I will prefer the status quo and I am hoping that the proposed changes which adversely affect Altona residents will not go ahead.


Anonymous said...

outrageous!! I hope there is a huge uproar so this does not happen as well!!

Anonymous said...

Tony Briffa - our local councillor and deputy mayor - is doing something about this and is organising a photo shoot at the Altona Train Station on Monday morning at 8.30am. Visit his website ( or email him on for more information.

Anonymous said...

Here is what on the MXNews today:

"The pain will continue under the huge timetable revamp that starts on May 8, when all Werribee weekday trains from 6:30am to 7pm on will run express between Newport and Laverton."

Altona people need to do something, this is really serious!

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