Friday, January 14, 2011

Armchair Driving along the Esplanade

Last September, I was searching for an application that can animate Google Street View from one street location to another but was not able to find any from the web. Now it is available from TripGeo.

Google Street View Car
Photo of the Google Street View Car from The Age

Sit back, relax and enjoy a simulated, armchair drive along the Esplanade from the eastern end at Seaholme to the western end of Altona. These scenes are what were recorded by the video camera of the Google Street View Car, as shown above. Click the Play button to begin.

Now, let us turn back the car to embark on the reverse journey. To do this, click the Reset button, then click "reverse". You can change the start and end address, the mode of travel (Driving, Walking and Bicycle), the animation options to alter the travelling speed and whether to avoid highways and toll roads. When you are satisfied, click the "Get Directions" button.

This tool will be very useful for someone planning to drive on a new roue and wants to familiarize with the landmarks beforehand so as not to miss the destination or turning points.

There are at least two websites showing interesting street views submitted by users, placed under different categories:


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