Monday, September 6, 2010

Daylight Moon over Cherry Lake

It was a fine day on Sunday 22 Aug 2010 so our family decided to take a stroll around Cherry Lake in the afternoon for we had not been to that area for quite a while. It was very lucky that we saw the full moon clearly in the daylight sky, sometimes hidden behind the moving clouds and then reappearing. I quickly took a few shots and the camera indicated the time to be 3:57 pm. With my 4.5 megapixels camera, I could distinctly see the features on the moon's surface. If I have a more powerful camera, the resolution will be even better

Cherry Lake Moon 00Cherry Lake Moon 02Cherry Lake Moon 01

The setting sun casted its radiance onto the trees by the lake, turning them into a brilliant golden colour. This beauty is ephemeral but mesmerizing. A pair of black swans with their brood bobbing on the water completed this almost surreal spectacle.

Cherry Lake Sunset Black Swans 08


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