Monday, August 2, 2010

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First, I wish to extend a warm welcome to you.

A Request for Collaborators

I am inviting interested people to become co-authors of this blog as this will add variety, make this blog more interesting and foster a community spirit. My day work has limited my time in Altona and constrained the amount of fresh content I can add to this blog. I need the help of collaborators to keep this blog active, fresh and content-rich. You can post on anything related to Altona and surrounds, e.g. activities you have participated, things you have witnessed, interesting conversations, people, day, etc. If you are interested, please email me at so that I can add you as a co-author.

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On the RHS are the following:

About Altona - contains information about Altona, its history, demographics, population forecast, real estate, meteorological forecast, etc.

Interactive Map of Altona - navigable Google Satellite Map of Altona, marked with its various attractions, their streetviews & driving directions.

Videos on Altona - The first video is a youtube video showcasing the beauty of Altona.

Attractions of Altona - describes 28 attractions with spectacular photos & videos, suggests several itineraries for touring Altona, describes the flora and fauna in Altona, lists the heritage sites, etc.

Current Events Calendar - lists the current events & activities in Hobsons Bay.

Altona in the News - includes a selection of newspaper articles on Altona & allows you to view Altona-related news over a period you specify e.g. in 2009.

Facilities in Altona - posts on schools, healthcare, childcare, public transport, shopping, dining, sports, recreation, etc.

People and Life in Altona - posts on notable people, people who have contributed to the community, common folks with interesting stories, occupations, hobbies, colourful lives, etc. Also posts on the arts, culture, sports, recreation, events, activities, work life and day-to-day stuff in Altona.

Interactive Quiz on Altona - tests your knowledge of Altona.

Other Interesting Stuff - lists the favorite and unclassified posts, talks about the Blog and the author.

About Me - You can email me or click the link to the Facebook Page on Altona.

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