Saturday, August 7, 2010

Attraction 12 - Apex Park & Doug Grant Reserve

This is accessible from a small carpark at the western end of the Esplanade.

Apex Park B

It has a barbeque/picnic area, a walking/cycling trail that leads to Laverton Creek Bridge and Truganina Park and large open grass areas which are favourite spots with dog walkers.

Apex Park A

There is a proposal to improve this park, with plans to build a playground, to plant Norfolk Island Pines, to establish a grassed rigging-up area for wind/kite surfers, etc.

Apex Park A

Here is a YouTube video on traction kiting, landboarding and buggying at Apex Park.

If you are walking towards the Esplanade on the foot trail, there is one particular section where you get a very good view of Melbourne CBD, which appears like a glistening island of skyscrapers in the horizon.

During a Saturday or Sunday, if you drive past the Park on Queen St, you may see a van selling boxes of fruits or flowers there, with its roadside advertising signage, reminiscent of what you see in a countryside, village or tourist road and not what you will expect in metropolitan Melbourne.

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Apex Park Flowers Stall A

Apex Park Flowers Stall 1

A circus was set up recently (13 Aug to 5 Sep 2010) at Apex Park.

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Apex Park Circus A

Apex Park Circus C

Below is a Google Street View of Apex Park.

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